Creative and Kinky Ways Lorals Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

Creative and Kinky Ways Lorals Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

Lorals are more than just latex panties—they’re the key to embracing exploration and adventure, from experiencing new sensations to trying out new positions and discovering kinky fun. If you’re looking for fun and exciting new ways…

Looking for more oral sex? Want a way to spice up the oral you're already having? Or maybe you want to start exploring more intensely kinky sex, outdoor sex, or try out different sensations (spanking anyone?). Changing your sex life can take a lot of forms, and Lorals latex undies are a fantastic way to try out so many new and different adventures — new positions, new places, and even sex parties. Putting on a pair of Lorals lets you put on whatever persona excites you the most in the moment — from dominant to submissive, voyeur to exhibitionist.

Whatever your fantasy, Lorals are the perfect way to start exploring, so here are a few of our favorite ways to take every single touch to new heights - the possibilities are endless!

Cunnilingus with a Twist

Starting with the obvious, Lorals were designed with oral sex in mind—wildly pleasurable yet deliciously-comfortable oral sex. With Lorals, you’re encouraged to color outside the lines. This could mean trying out new positions like:

  • Face Sitting. Face Sitting, also known as smothering, is exactly what it sounds like: Straddle your partner’s face and let them go to town. This position also allows you to control the moves and the pressure. If you're a little shy about taking your rightful throne (aka their face), tons of people say that Lorals helped them ease into the experience and helped them get those sweet orgasms.
    What they mean when they say "sit on my face"
  • Standing. Standing is another simple, yet sexy way to enjoy oral. Just stand against a wall or lean against something supportive (e.g. railing, chair, desk, etc.), and have your partner kneel down (you can give them a pillow for knee support!) and eat you out. Lorals keep everything contained so there are fewer drips and drops.
  • 69. The oh-so-classic 69—an oldie, but goodie. Lay on your side and ask your partner to lay beside you head-to-toe (so you’re both facing one another’s feet) and then see where the moment takes you! It’s up to you to decide if you’d like to reciprocate or not. You can also experiment with different lubricants on the inside or outside of Lorals. Or use this as an opportunity to try out some up-close dirty talk. 

“If you put a little bit of water-based or silicone lube on the inside of the panty—where it will come in contact with the pleasure parts of the person wearing the Lorals—the lube will help convey sensation to the wearer,” says Carol Queen, PhD and staff sexologist at Good Vibrations

Rimming and Anal Play

Oral sex can also mean rimming or anilingus, which is just a fancy way to describe orally pleasuring the anus (e.g. sucking, kissing, licking, etc.). Many who are new to rim jobs (and those who are not!) may see Lorals as an extra layer of protection or comfort, since having a thin barrier between the anus and the lips helps to prevent any contact with you-know-what. Plus, extra comfort usually allows for extra pleasure for both parties involved.

Lorals are a great way to explore anal rimming and fingering

“Many people loooove the sensation of rimming because there are so many sensitive anal nerve endings to stimulate there—and let's face it...the anus often goes without much direct contact,” Queen adds. “Some people enjoy using flavored lube on the external anus [I don't recommend flavored lubes internally], which gives the person doing the rim job something tasty to lick off!”  

Bonus: Lorals are vanilla-scented, so if you're worried about you-know-what they've got you covered. 


Did we mention that Lorals are ultra-stretchy? Stretchy enough for full finger and tongue penetration—front and back. They’re so stretchy that your partner can go down on you (vulva or butt) and finger you at the same time. We’ll take that combo, please!

Fingering can be so much more than teenage fumbling!

Whether you’re enjoying a solo session or you’re with a partner, here are some moves you can try: 

  • The Swirl. Ask your partner to use their finger(s) in a circular, swirling motion on the clit and around the opening of your vagina before slowly inching their way in. Lubing the area up (either on the outside or inside of your Lorals) will make this experience even more pleasurable. The wetter, the better.
  • G-Spot lovin’. Ask your partner to place their finger(s) against the front wall of your vagina while forming a “come-hither” motion. 
  • Triple the Fun. Sometimes, you just want it all. To make sure your partner is hitting all your buttons, ask them to go down on you, while at the same time use one hand to caress your G-spot and the other to explore the back rim – yes Lorals are that stretchy. 
  • Back-to-front. Generally, once you’ve explored the back door, you shouldn’t return to the front door during the same session. But because Lorals block fluid and bacteria transfer, you’re free to go to town all over each other, all day and all night. 

Outdoor Adventures   

Having a literal romp in the hay is a great way to embrace your adventurous side and spice up your sex life. But before you decide to run outside in your skivvies, you may want to do a little prep-work first. After all, having sex outside in public is illegal in most places, so be sure to pick a time and location where you’re less likely to get busted (unless that’s what you’re hoping for). The beach, the woods, the water, and under the stars (e.g. truck bed, field, your own backyard, etc.) are all pretty good places to get it on. 

Sex outside? A little planning goes a long way.

“If you enjoy a bit of outdoor action, but you've been hiking all day or are camping without access to a shower and aren't feeling as fresh as you would like, you can slip on a pair of Lorals and enjoy stress-free oral sex in the wild!” says Isabelle Uren, certified sexpert and website manager of Bedbible. “Who doesn't love sex with a view?!” 

Power Play 

If you’ve yet to hear of power play, you can think of it as role-playing with power. During power play, there’s usually one submissive partner and one dominant partner though some people enjoy switching roles. 

Power play is often referred to as BDSM, but it doesn’t actually have to go that far if you don’t want it to. Remember: Consent is key! It’s important to communicate with your partner and create a safe word before doing anything that’s out-of-the-ordinary for your current sexual relationship. 

A few examples of power play include edging, spanking, and erotic asphyxiation (sexual choking), but beginners can ease into it by adding a vibrator to the mix.  

“Slip a panty vibrator inside your Lorals and hand the remote over to your partner, putting your pleasure at their mercy!” says Uren. “If you misbehave and get wandering hands, they can punish you by snapping the stretchy latex against your skin.”

If you are interested in embracing your inner dom (aka dominant), Lorals can help you do that too. 

Power play can be a great way to explore

“Lorals can be a great tool when you’re wanting to let your dominant side out!” says Kate Williams, co-founder of the sex-positive and sexual wellness website Pleasure Better. “Guide your partner’s head between your legs and tell them they’re only allowed to taste you over your panties—think of it like the tactile version of a strip-tease,” Williams adds. “When you strip-tease, your partner is turned on imagining and hoping for what they can’t see. By only letting your partner give you oral over your Lorals, you turn them on by making them imagine what’s just beneath that they can’t quite fully feel and taste.” 

Sensation Play

Sensation play can be incredibly hot (or cold, if you’re experimenting with ice cubes!). Sensation play is best described as exploring your and your partner’s senses to heighten one another’s pleasure during sex, foreplay, or masturbation. There’s no shame in discovering new and exciting sensations on your own!  

“Add a new twist to sensation play by stimulating your partner through the layer of latex,” Uren adds. “Try getting your partner all hot and bothered and then tease them through the panties with drops of ice-cold water, a cooled glass or steel sex toy, or even an ice cube!”

Thanks to their latex construction, Lorals can be thrilling for people who enjoy autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) sex as well. ASMR triggers a pleasurable, tingling sensation throughout your body, and adding it to your sex life could make you feel more connected with your partner and/or yourself. 

Lorals are great for exploring impact play like spanking or snapping the latex against skin

Snapping or stretching the latex or gliding over it with your fingertips, for example, are just a few of the things you could do. If you’re interested in hearing a bit of latex ASMR now, here are some free sound bites courtesy of Soundsnap.


A kink is any non-traditional sexual and/or intimate desire, act, or fantasy you may have. With that being said, the phrase “non-traditional” is subjective, it could include power play and sensation play, or it could include degradation or praise (good girl, anyone?). A lot of people have kinks that they sometimes include in their play. Either way, Williams says adding dirty talk to your sexual repertoire is a great way to feel a surge of sexy dominance and dip a toe (or the whole leg) into kink.

Dirty talk is a great way to explore kink

“You can dirty talk dominantly by saying things that show you’re in control like: ‘Your tongue feels so good over my panties—I bet you wish you could taste me, don’t you?’ or ‘You want to pull these panties to the side and feel? Maybe next time if you’re good,’” Williams says. “If that feels over the top, you can simply express your enjoyment in a way that indicates you’re in control such as: ‘You feel good—I like making you taste me over my panties.’ ​​Keep it playful, teasy, and within your and your partner’s comfort levels.” 

Fetish Play 

Kink and fetish are not the same thing. If you’re interested in exploring dirty talk, for example, that could be a kink. But if you have to talk dirty to become aroused or to have an orgasm, that’s a fetish. Some fetishes might be: feet, exhibitionism (being naked or having sex in public), voyuerism (watching others have sex), and, of course, latex.

If you’re into latex but are looking for a less-suffocating, cost-effective alternative, sexpert and coach, Rachael Z recommends giving Lorals a try. 

“As a latex lover, Lorals are a great alternative to traditional latex garments,” says Z. “Latex is very expensive and requires a ton of care—believe me, I ruined a $400 catsuit with improper storage. Lorals are so sexy paired with fishnets or a body stocking underneath! This is my go-to bad bitch outfit,” adds Z. “Unlike traditional latex garments, Lorals panties are flexible enough to allow for play without any fear of ruining! If you’re new to latex, Lorals are such a cost-friendly starting point—not to mention, they are not as hot as some alternatives. When I wear my thick latex panties... it's like a damn sauna in there.” 

So many ways to us Lorals in fetish play. Image IG: amornextdoor

Speaking of fetishes, Williams says Lorals are the ideal accessory for couples with an underwear fetish. “Once you’ve had an orgasm, take your Lorals off and make your partner put them on,” says Williams. “Proceed to get your partner off in the same pair of Lorals you just had an orgasm in!” 

Sex Clubs 

The thought of going to a sex club may seem intimidating, but sex parties can be a great place for beginners and even introverts to explore and expand their sexual horizons. With Lorals, the shy-but-curious can practice being nearly naked in a crowd or feel confident getting intimate with one or more complete strangers—sometimes, a thin barrier is all it takes to embrace your deepest sexual desires. Just be sure to do your research (e.g. find the right venue, see if there’s a dress code, etc.) and to set firm boundaries with yourself and others. 


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“Lorals are perfect for situations where you want to wear your latex but don't want to risk any damage,” says Z. “I always want to have the look and sexiness on latex/leather theme nights, but wearing my expensive latex is off the table. Enter Lorals: Single-use and sexy, adds Z. “Plus, Lorals are a much more practical and sensual way to enjoy oral sex from strangers. I personally love to wear Lorals during scissoring.”

With Lorals you can do more and worry less. Lorals gives you the power to experience new things both in and outside of the bedroom. So with that (and this list) in mind, get out there and your Lorals and your comfort zone.


Written by Tabitha Britt, a freelance writer and editor. She's also the founding-editor-in-chief of DO YOU ENDO, the first (and only) no-BS digital magazine for individuals with endometriosis by individuals with endometriosis in the US. You can find her byline in a variety of publications including Insider, Medical News Today, and Kinkly. 

Reviewed and Edited by Sarah Brown, a certified sex and intimacy educator with 10 years of experience designing and marketing intimate wellness and pleasure products.