4 Oral-Sex Playlists That’ll Rock Your World

4 Oral-Sex Playlists That’ll Rock Your World

When it comes to oral sex, there aren’t many hard-and-fast rules. Everyone’s pleasure is different and experimenting is fun! But, there is one thing you should absolutely avoid at all costs  — hastily pressing play on your “most liked” Spotify playlist right before getting hot and heavy. Here’s the thing: your partner doesn’t need to know you were jamming out to Vanessa Carlton’s “White Houses” while getting dressed this morning! Songs all have a time and place, and most tunes just aren’t quite right for the bedroom (or the shower, or the beach, or wherever you’re getting it on!). That’s why it’s crucial to have a playlist queued up and ready to go, so you can click play and get it on without breaking the mood. If you don’t have time to build one yourself, try one of these four pre-made playlists, grab your Lorals, and bring on the pleasure!

Spotify’s Oral Sex Playlist  

OK, this one is a little on the nose, but who knew there were even 36 songs about oral sex in the first place? And we’re not talking about jok-ey Weird Al Yankovich type songs. We mean really good jams from your favorite female musicians like Lana Del Ray, Rhianna, and Kelly Rowland. It’s hard enough to find a general pop playlist featuring majority women artists, so the fact that this go-down-goodness has so much lady power is a huge plus. Because these songs are all oral-meta, this is a good empowerment list. Go ahead, sing along. Imagine you are Rihanna. We’ve all done it. Shine bright you damn diamond.


Ryan Phillippe, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Reese Witherspoon from Cruel Intentions


The Cruel Intentions Soundtrack 

We’re talking to all the 90’s babies. Cruel Intentions was dark, it was twisty, and it was oh so sexy. The soundtrack is no exception. It takes you through every single song you’re nostalgic for, from “Lovefool” by The Cardigans to the song that Cruel Intentions made an instant karaoke staple — Bittersweet symphony by The Verve. If Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe were in your OG spank bank, then pull out your old CDs and get your oral on like snap bracelets and tamagotchis are still a thing.


Them's Get in the Mood for Pride Playlist feat. Toye Sivan


Them’s Get in the Mood...for Pride Playlist

Sometimes you just need an all-queer palate cleanse from the hyper hetero music scene. This Spotify playlist is curated by Them. magazine, an LGBTQIA digital outlet from Conde Nast. It’s got absolutely everything you could want: Janelle Monae singing a sexy duet with Zoe Kravitz, Zolita trying to take you home, Janelle Monae singing a sexy duet with Zoe Kravitz ...need we say more? Plus, unlike most playlists, this one is engineered to get more and more intense as it goes, so it stays with you all the way to the big O.

The XX Radio

Some people are easily distracted — Taco Bell sells alcohol now?! — wait, what were we saying? If you or your partner can relate, then songs with emphatic lyrics are a no go for oral. OK, is the XX super cool? No. You used to make out in the backseat of your car to them in high school. BUT hear us out. Consider why the English indie darlings were your band of choice in the first place. The beats have a steady rise and swell, perfect for getting hot and heavy. And the lyrics range from melodically quiet to totally non-existent. Perfect for keeping the mood when you’ve got too much swirling around in your head to give good head.



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