8 Sure Ways To Have a Sexy Valentine’s Day

8 Sure Ways To Have a Sexy Valentine’s Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, I think you’re fun in bed, and I wanna sex you! Ok, so we’re not Shakespeare but we do know one thing: sometimes it feels like Valentine’s day peaked with heart-shaped construction paper in elementary school. Since then we’ve matured...but the holiday doesn’t always reflect our adult desires. If you’re like us and want to spice up the confectionary holiday, never fear, we’ve got just the things for you. Here are our 8 favorite gifts for a steamy Valentine’s Night (...even if you’re celebrating all by your damn self! 😉).

1. This Position Of The Day Book

Imagine: a new position Every. Single. Day. We can think of like five off the top of our heads that we use on any regular basis. That leaves 360 we’ve never even considered. This book will help you to keep your 2020 resolution to kick things up a notch!!🔥🔥 Plus, unlike a lot of books, this one isn’t limited to penetrative sex. There’s a ton of great oral positions that you can use with Lorals for double the adventure. (I wonder if the book was written in a leap year…only one way to find out!)

2. This Too Cute Vibrator

The Luv-Pop Wireless vibrator is the winner for V-Day gifts you can use every day of the year. It’s super cute (pink, hearts, it checks off every Valentine’s checklist) so it feels special and romantic. But with 10 different vibrator settings, it gets pretttty intense. And it’s made for a girl on the go: rechargeable, wireless, discreet enough to go unnoticed by the TSA. Steamiest part? It comes with a remote control...so you can get a little kinky and let your partner control your pleasure from up to 100 ft away. Ummmm yes, please!

3This Electronic Salad Tosser

Rotating beads in the shaft of the B-Vibe Rimming Plug stimulate the nerves around the anus and..yep you guessed it...simulate a rim job. This is one of the more high tech toys on the anal market, and it’s a perfect addition to your kink play if you’re using Lorals. Since Lorals are designed to let you get the full sensation of rimming and are flexible enough to allow for penetrative play with fingers or toys.

4. These Candles That Look Like Crayons For Sex Play

Whether you think blue, red, or purple is the warmest color, these candles are specifically designed to let you paint your partner every color of the rainbow. Wax is a great intro to BDSM if you’re interested in kicking your sex life up a heat level. The hot sensation of melted wax on skin combined with the gooey texture before it hardens drives people absolutely insane with pleasure. Use the red candle to draw a heart on your partner’s stomach and you’ve got a perfect steamy Valentine.

5. This Paddle That's Painfully Cute

This paddle is so cute you could hang it on your wall as decor. If you’re wearing Lorals, you can always add to the power play by telling your partner to give themselves a wedgie to show more cheek before you give them a loving spank. If you and your partner like playing rough, you might even get a heart-shaped souvenir on your behind that will remind you of your steamy night for days afterward. 

6. This Sexy Truth Or Dare Game

Truth or Dare was always the most titillating game when we were younger. Anything could happen! Now this R rated version lets you live out your fantasy with commands like “Take off any piece of my clothing, without using your hands,” and “Tell me a fantasy you’ve had about me.” This is a great tool for foreplay, but can also spice up a totally sex-free night with a bit of fun.

7. This Galentine’s Gift For Better Bathtime

There’s a reason there is an age-old saying that the showerhead is a girl’s best friend. Water is a classically great way to spice up your “me time” when you don’t feel like using a more complex toy. The Waterslyde is a super cute attachment for the bathtub faucet that lets water flow exactly where you want it. It’s a beyond perfect present for yourself or a friend for Galentine’s Day.

8. This Oral Enhancing Gift You Knew Was Coming

That’s right...Lorals definitely make the list of hottest Valentine’s presents! Lorals are beautiful, vanilla flavored, ultra-thin latex panties designed to help you embrace oral sex whenever you want it. They come in handy when you’re on your period, not feeling your freshest, or to kink up your sex life! They’re the perfect gift for your Valentine who loves oral.

Whether you’ve got a long term Valentine or are bringing home someone new, these presents will help you spice up your life on February 14th. Winter is cold...that’s why sometimes you have to think of creative ways to turn up the heat. Have fun and kiss someone! xoxo