Getting Down, Down To A Science: The Top 9 SexTech Companies We Love

Getting Down, Down To A Science: The Top 9 SexTech Companies We Love

When you think of technology, you probably think of smaller computers and faster phones with video chatting capabilities that make 80’s-futuristic holograms look like a joke. But you might not think of sex. When we talk about sextech, we’re not talking about robotic sex dolls — though, no judgment if that’s your thing. We’re talking about using research, engineering, science, and product design to create all new products to enhance your sex life. Lorals is a sextech company — engineering that super-thin-ultra-comfy-vanilla-flavored latex into a panty took a lot of research and required breaking the usual manufacturing mold. To celebrate the awesome powers of sexual technology, we wanted to introduce you to other companies changing the way we see pleasure for good. Meet ten of our favorite brands helping us spread the love. 



Dame is a radical company that makes toys specifically designed for people with vulvas through scientific research in Dame Labs. Dame shares our mission of closing the pleasure gap, and they’re taking that mission to court by suing the MTA for blocking their ads in New York subways. (C’mon, we’ve all seen the ads for Hims. What gives with the double standards, MTA?) Our personal fave Dame product is the Pillo, a sex pillow especially designed to elevate your bottom half for maximum O potential. Sounds like a perfect thing to have on hand when you’re in the mood to slip into your Lorals and get lick lick licked all night.



Private Packs

These amazing temperature-controlled packs meant for soothing your vulva come in two styles: Heating, for cramping, soreness, or inflammation, and Cooling for itching, swelling, or irritation. They’re great for everything from post-Brazilian wax chill-down, to soothing a yeast infection, heating things up before sexy time, and even cooling things down if you’re swollen afterward. Private Packs are way cuter than your old heating pad, and they let you say goodbye to frozen pea bags between your legs. Count us in!



Sex toys, but make them fashion. Unbound sells vibrators, lubes, handcuffs, and more sex-toy fare, and they have a whole line of sex toys that double as totally cute metallic jewelry that no one would ever know was a toy (unless you told them). Our favorite is this glammed-out Palma vibrator ring that would be our favorite piece of going-out bling even if it wasn’t also a powerful, waterproof vibrator.



If you’re familiar with the inspiration behind Lorals, then Ohnut’s mission to stop people from saying No when they want to say Yes will sound familiar. But, whereas we focus on oral sex, Ohnut is looking to make penetrative sex more comfortable. It’s a set of stretchy rings designed to help people who experience pain during penetrative sex. The rings fit comfortably around a penis (or dildo! Or whatever!) and feel just like warm skin. If you or a partner struggle with pain during penetration, Ohnut is definitely worth a try!


Awkward Essentials

Most of our fave sextech companies are all about enhancing the orgasm — but Awkward Essentials is focused on what happens after. Mainly, the “penguin walk to the bathroom” where people with vaginas try in vain to clean up the post-coital mess. So they invented an easily-insertable sponge to mop everything up without having to cut cuddle time short. Sounds like a life (and sheets!) saver. 





Ovee is a digital health platform empowering vagina-havers with the community they need to own their sexual and reproductive choices. They’re a crew of designers, artists, developers, and medical professionals inspired by their own frustration about the lack of access to information about their own bodies. Learn, lament, make pro and cons lists...Ovee is networking, but for sexual health...and without the blazers and cheap wine in plastic cups.  

Make Love Not Porn

This one is a little different from the rest. Make Love Not Porn is a video sharing platform spawned from frustrations with the way over-produced porn objectifies women and just generally represents an unrealistic version of real life sex. On the platform, users share their own videos, and have created an amazing collection of not-porny-porn videos that show what sex really looks like — in all it’s wobbly, messy, loveliness. 



Dipsea is another audio erotica site for women, but they differentiate themselves by creating a little bit of a calling card for their stories. They’re short, feminist, and elevated. The stories emphasize enthusiastic consent, communication, and the real perspectives and desires of every day women. Plus, Dipsea is housed on a cool mobile app, making it easy to get in touch with your erotic side while traveling, or have a titillating story motivate your morning run….whatever floats your boat!

If you love Lorals and are looking for something new to switch up your bedroom game, these fellow sextech companies are sure to have something extra special for you. Good bye, and happy sexing!



Written by the Lorals Team. The Lorals Team is here to offer inclusive, honest, and accurate pleasure education for all. Each article is reviewed by our experts and educators to ensure you get the facts and answers you need.

Reviewed and Edited by Melanie Cristol J.D. the founder and CEO of Lorals. She studied Sociology at Columbia College at Columbia University, and she received her Juris Doctorate from Columbia Law School. Prior to creating and patenting Lorals, Melanie was a healthcare and consumer products attorney, and she was part of the legal team that secured gay marriage rights for the western United States. Melanie also fought for LGBTQ rights in California and Ohio as a field organizer with the National LGBTQ Task Force.